Tips for Staying Warm and Safe in the Winter

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Winter can be a harsh season in certain parts of the world. The snow, winds and cold often associated with the season can leave your house and car vulnerable. Keep these tips in mind to stay both warm and safe during the blustery time of year.


Prepare Yourself 

Making preparations for the cold time can help keep you and your family safe and warm. What should you do to prepare?

  • Make sure your home is well insulated by repairing storm windows, adding weather stripping and installing new insulation.
  • Have your heating system checked before the cold weather arrives.
  • Insulate any outdoor or exterior water lines to avoid frozen pipes.
  • Take your car in for its regular services, so you don’t have to worry about a breakdown in a blizzard.

Start preparing for the frigid weather in late summer or early fall to make sure you are really ready by the time winter makes its entrance.

Act Wisely During an Emergency

No matter what you do to prepare, an emergency may come up. Taking smart actions can help keep everyone involved safe. For example, if you get stranded in your car when it is cold outside, you should try to stay with the vehicle and keep yourself visible. You can make sure your car stays visible by turning on an interior light when the engine is on, lifting up your hood or tying a bright piece of cloth to your antenna.

Cold-related emergencies can even happen when you are at home. Remember to keep emergency kits fully stocked in both your home and car.

Wear Warm Clothes 

One of the most basic ways to keep yourself warm during winter is by wearing proper clothes. A wind-resistant coat, thick pair of mittens, thick hat, scarf and a pair of water-resistant boots can go a long way in keeping the chill from creeping into your bones. It is especially important to wear this protective gear if you are going to be outside for any length of time when the wind chill is below freezing.


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