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Performing heating repair services to furnaces is one of Action Heating and Air’s primary purposes. If you think your furnace needs to be repaired, please contact us immediately to schedule a furnace repair service. Below you may also find some helpful information in order to determine what is exactly wrong with your furnace. If you still need help after troubleshooting your furnace with the tips we mention below, we will gladly come out and perform any maintenance or check-up that is needed to remedy the issue in North Wales, Doylestown and King of Prussia homes.

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Your Gas Furnace Is Producing No Heat

Possible Causes Include:
  • Thermostat is too low and is not asking for heat
  • Thermostat is not working properly
  • Circuit breaker or fuse controlling the furnace is tripped or fuse is blown
  • Natural gas or propane control is closed
  • Pilot light is out
  • Hot surface ignition’s electronic ignition is having a problem
Possible Repairs Include:
  • Make sure the thermostat is in HEAT MODE and is set appropriately
  • Move the dial setting up or down a couple degrees
  • Clean contacts in thermostat if it is not a digital one
  • Reset tripped circuit breaker
  • Replace fuse if blow
  • If pilot light is out relight it
  • Troubleshoot hot surface and intermittent pilot ignition

Your Gas Furnace Does Not Produce Enough Heat

Possible Causes Include:
  • Dirty Furnace filter
  • Gas burners may be dirty or need some adjusting
  • May have obstructed air flow to combustion air chamber
Possible Repairs Include:
  • Replace dirty air filter
  • Ensure conventional furnace has adequate combustion air
  • Call Furnace service technician to adjust the burners

Your Gas Furnace Keeps Turning ON And OFF

Possible Causes Include:
  • Dirty air filter in furnace
  • Blower motor problem
  • Thermostat problem/ heat anticipator
Possible Repairs Include:
  • Adjust Thermostat/ heat anticipator
  • Replace dirty air filter
  • Try oiling motor lubrication ports with light weight oil
  • Check for right tension on belt. If belt is too lose then tighten.
  • Replace belt if frayed

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Your Blower Is Always Running- Does Not Turn Off

Possible Causes Include:
  • Thermostat set to fan continuous
  • Fan limit control switch is faulty (thermostat has no fan setting)
Possible Repairs Include:
  • Change Thermostat setting for fan
  • Reset or replace furnace limit for fan

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Your Gas Furnace Is Making Noise While Operating

Possible Causes Include:
  • High Pitched “squealing” sound may be caused by slipping belt or motor/ shaft bearings maybe in need of oiling
  • Lower Pitched “rumbling” may be due to poorly adjusted pilot light with burners OFF
  • Lower Pitched “rumbling” may also be due to dirty gas burners if heard with burners ON
Possible Repairs Include:
  • Make sure to lubricate with oil the blower motor ports with light weight oil
  • Check belt tension, tighten if too loose
  • Replace belt if frayed
  • Adjust pilot light
  • Call furnace Technician to adjust burners

Lighting A Gas Pilot

Possible Causes Include:
  • Pilot light can go out because of a draft, or the area being dirty
  • The “Thermocouple” may also be faulty and is shutting off the supply of gas
Possible Repairs Include:
  • Turn off the gas for 3 minutes then get a lighter or match ready by the pilot and turn on the gas while your flame is lit over the pilot

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