Smart Ways to Reduce HVAC Use This Summer
Smart Ways to Reduce HVAC Use This Summer
June 27, 2018
5 Ways to Keep Cool in the Summer
5 Ways to Keep Cool in the Summer
August 29, 2018

This summer in New Jersey is extraordinarily hot! It’s a battle for air temperature dominance between your home’s air conditioner and the sun! HVAC companies are working overtime to keep up!

5 Free Energy Savings Tips

A few more ways to save this summer on your energy bill only costs you a little time and effort.

  1. Check that your vents aren’t covered. Furniture, clothing, boxes, and other random objects may have found their way onto your vents. Check that your vents are freely blowing cool air. If you have a room you don’t visit often, close it off and allow the air volume to be used in parts of your home you frequent most often.
  2. Routine Service Check. If you’ve not already this summer, having a routine service check on your HVAC system helps avoid costly repairs and make sure your system is running at top efficiency.
  3. The magic 78 degrees. 78 degrees is an efficient temperature for your air conditioner to run at optimal performance level.
  4. Keep window light to a minimum. The sun through your windows is intensified, think of it as passing through a magnifying glass. Also, they trap light in like a greenhouse. So, making use of blinds or curtains can greatly reduce the amount of work your air conditioner must do to maintain a comfortable home.
  5. Use fans to circulate the cool air. Using fans to circulate the air helps maintain a lower ambient temperature. They use less energy than your air conditioner unit.

Keeping Cool and Saving Money this Summer

It can feel like a losing battle in the summertime when balancing comfort with energy savings. By using one or more methods discussed, it’s possible to save substantially even without spending a dime.

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Cool Energy Saving Gadgets

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