Cool Energy Saving Gadgets
Cool Energy Saving Gadgets
July 31, 2018
4 Benefits of Ductless A/C Units
4 Benefits of Ductless A/C Units
October 2, 2018

Inexpensive Ways To Keep Your House Cool

On those hot summer days, it’s easy to simply turn on the a/c and enjoy. But before you get that exceptional electric bill, why not try some of these easy, inexpensive tips to keep your house cooler?


  1. Close the shades


Stop sunlight from turning into heat inside your house by simply closing the shades. If you have a few extra dollars, blackout curtains work even better.


  1. Turn Off Appliances


Electronics such as TVs and microwaves generate heat simply by being on. Instead of putting them in standby mode, it’s simple to unplug them when they’re not in use.


  1. Turn on Bathroom Fans


Reducing humidity is an important step for making your house feel cool. Whenever there is steam in your bathroom, turn on the vents so the hot water vapor doesn’t heat up the rest of your house.


  1. Let in Cool Night Air


Whenever you can, check to see if the temperature is cooler outside than in. Often people miss out on free cooler air that would drift in through open windows at night.


  1. Use Energy-Efficient Bulbs


Incandescent light bulbs create a lot of heat! Avoid paying for a product that heats as well as lights by using cooler, energy-efficient LEDs instead.


With just a few simple steps, you can keep your house cooler without increasing your electric bill. Of course, no one blames you for turning on the A/C when it just gets too hot.

5 Ways to Keep Cool in the Summer

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